What’s with David Avadon?

The David Avadon or DA blog is a website blog that focuses on issues concerning waste management. On this website blog, we discuss various concerns regarding waste disposal, especially the hazardous wastes that can greatly contribute to the destruction of the environment.
Our website blog is composed of individuals, who is actively participating government and private organizations, whose goal is to protect the environment from waste disposal problems.
We, at the David Avadon team, are aware about toxic wastes that contaminates land and water areas in every community. So, we would like to catch every resident’s attention about such issues that they are experiencing or might face in the future.
With the aim of eliminating such environmental issue, we have come up with this website blog as a way for everybody to be aware that such problems are happening or might happen if toxic wastes are not controlled.
Through the help of our valued team, contributors and commentators, we believe that we can all surpass the waste disposal issues. We all aim for residents and establishments in every community to cooperate and spare some time to consider the said problems. If we all help in finding solutions to various waste disposal issues, then we can save our mother Earth.