What to do with hazardous wastes

Hazardous waste are substances that contain toxic chemicals that may harm the environment if not properly disposed. Do you know that you may have such wastes at home? Look at your garage and you may find there leftover paints or spray paints, oil for automobiles, old car batteries and used light bulbs. Be careful because this is considered as hazardous waste. Do you have a garden at home? You might have some pesticides, which are also considered as hazardous. You better keep them away from the reach of your children.

Any hazardous wastes that you can find at home may endanger your health, especially if you have kids at home. If these wastes are not properly disposed, then you are risking the health of your family members. You must learn how to dispose these wastes properly to avoid accidents or unwanted situations.

Waste management
Managing hazardous wastes at home

Do not simply dump or throw away hazardous wastes that you have at home. This type of waste must not be mixed with other type of wastes. So, how do you think will you dispose them if you cannot just throw them together with other wastes? We have here a few tips for you so that you can manage disposing these hazardous wastes.

Pick up
There might be an establishment in your area, who picks up hazardous wastes. You might pay a small amount for such service, but better than risking the health of your family or destroying the environment, right? You have to keep contact the people concerned and ask for a schedule when they are going to pick it up. If you can’t find such establishment in your area, then look for other options.

Through the mail
Since home pick up is not available in your area, then mail it. There are establishments, who do not have pick up services, instead they are collected through the mail. Send them the hazardous wastes so that they can treat or dispose these wastes properly.

Community programs
There are community leaders, who have programs to collect hazardous wastes. If your community has such activities, then find time to gather your hazardous wastes and bring them during the community event. This is one of the best things that your community leaders can do for the residents.
Those are just a few ways on how you can dispose your hazardous wastes properly. It could have been better if everybody will pay attention to this type of waste so that no health or environment will be at risk.

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