How to get in touch with DA

Various waste disposal issues are happening in every community. Are you happy knowing that the society is filled with irresponsible human beings? We believe that there are many concerned citizens out there. That is why the David Avadon blog was created.

We would like to serve as a way for citizens to have a voice. Many of them know about waste management issues that needs to be given attention. Luckily, we have the DA blog to help you.

We encourage everybody to contribute articles and be a part of our website blog. You may write us your experiences, unsolved issues, waste management tips and solutions to waste disposal problems. We have our own editorial staff, who will strictly check your work. Submitted articles that have nothing to do with waste management will not be considered. We are sorry for that.

If you have questions and comments about our published articles, then we encourage you to post us. We would be very happy to serve and assist you. Our team will find time to respond as soon as possible.

Please, post us your concerns through our e-mail address at We, the team, are all very happy to hear from you.