Proper disposal of domestic hazardous waste

Can you think of things that maybe a threat to you and to the environment? Look around you and check out any substance that contains toxic chemicals, which may ignite or explode, especially when exposed to heat. May be you are not aware that you can even find these substances at home. Actually, these are hazardous substances. So, most of the time they are kept and stored in a place that is far from reach of children. When these are swallowed, it is either you get sick or die.
Are you even aware that you have the domestic type of hazardous wastes in your drawers or cabinets? These hazardous substances comes in various forms, such as gas, solid or liquid. You have to know that paints, fluorescent lights, pesticides or insecticides, motor oil, thermometer, mobile phones, tv, aerosol spray, cleaning agents and lithium batteries are considered as a domestic type of hazardous wastes. Can you find them at home? So how do you dispose them?

Types of hazardous wastes

Disposing domestic type of hazardous wastes
It could have been better if everybody is aware about the proper disposal of hazardous wastes. You can’t just throw them away and mix with other wastes. So, for those who do not have any idea about how to dispose this type of domestic waste, it would be best for you to check this out. This is an ideal way of disposing hazardous wastes properly.

  • Segregate your wastes

Since you must not mix hazardous with non-hazardous waste, the best thing that you can do is to segregate the waste. Use different containers for each type of waste for ease and convenience of disposing.

  • Call for hazardous waste pick-up services

It could have been better if you can call for a pick-up service. This is an easy way of disposing waste properly. This type of service is not free, so expect to pay a certain amount depending on how much waste you have.

  • Send the hazardous waste to drop-off facilities

If a pick-up service is not available in your area, then locate a facility, where you can drop-off your hazardous waste. You might be a busy person, but you have to find time to dispose the hazardous waste rather keeping them at home.

  • Recycle the waste if possible

You might have leftover paint that you want to dispose. If the paint is still usable, then it would be best to give it to those who need it. You may also ask a shop, who accepts computers, tv or batteries for recycling.

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