The importance of waste segregation

How do you handle wastes at home? Let’s say that you have a bin. Do you just throw your waste there? If you do, then it only means that all your wastes are mixed up. But, this is not what you are supposed to do. It could have been better if we can all learn how to segregate our wastes at home, in school and in our workplace.

Do you know that when you segregate waste, it would be easier to handle them? You must learn how to separate the bio-degradable and non-bio degradable wastes. Bio-degradable wastes are fruits, vegetables, flowers, grasses, leaves and wood or pencil shavings. For the non-bio degradable wastes, we have paper, plastics, glass, metal, tetra packs and aluminum foil. A Perth Skip bin hire service will assist you with getting rid of the segregated waste.  More skip bin companies in Perth can be found here.

Why is waste segregation important?

  • If you are not going to segregate wastes properly, then it will all mixed up in the landfills just like how they are mixed up in your bin. It would be fine if they do not contain harmful gas. But, these wastes will decompose and may contaminate the land. So, it will release leaks and gas that may be harmful to the environment. What if it contains methane gas? This is really bad because it will affect climate change and may lead to drought. So, we better be careful in segregating wastes.
  • It is essential for us to segregate waste so that we can protect everybody’s health. We must not only focus on caring about our health here. If these wastes are segregated properly, then the risk of cuts or bruises that rag pickers and garbage collectors may experience will be avoided. If those people cut their finger, then they may get infections. Therefore, it will lead to health danger.
  • Once your wastes are segregated, then it will be easier for the rag pickers and garbage collectors to recycle wastes. They can easily handle the wastes that will go to the recycler or to the incinerator.

How shall we segregate wastes at home?

Of course, segregation of wastes must start at home. We must also show a good example to our young, neighbors, friends and to the community. So, what shall we do then?

  • We must have a container for bio-degradable wastes. We may also have a compost pit. This is where we are going to throw bio-degradable wastes. Here, the composting process is really slow. But, it is a good way of segregating and reducing waste. It is also one way of keeping the kitchen clean and free from bad odor.
  • We must have a separate container for non-bio degradable waste. We may have at least 4 containers to store paper, plastic, glass and metal wastes. If we can do this, then it will be very easy to figure out which ones will be recycled and reused.

Can you see now how important it is to learn how to segregate your waste? We should not only start doing it at home. Let us also bring this method at work and practice it there. This is a good way of recycling waste, saving the environment and avoiding health issues.