The importance of waste segregation

How do you handle wastes at home? Let’s say that you have a bin. Do you just throw your waste there? If you do, then it only means that all your wastes are mixed up. But, this is not what you are supposed to do. It could have been better if we can all learn how to segregate our wastes at home, in school and in our workplace.

Do you know that when you segregate waste, it would be easier to handle them? You must learn how to separate the bio-degradable and non-bio degradable wastes. Bio-degradable wastes are fruits, vegetables, flowers, grasses, leaves and wood or pencil shavings. For the non-bio degradable wastes, we have paper, plastics, glass, metal, tetra packs and aluminum foil. A Perth Skip bin hire service will assist you with getting rid of the segregated waste.  More skip bin companies in Perth can be found here.

Why is waste segregation important?

  • If you are not going to segregate wastes properly, then it will all mixed up in the landfills just like how they are mixed up in your bin. It would be fine if they do not contain harmful gas. But, these wastes will decompose and may contaminate the land. So, it will release leaks and gas that may be harmful to the environment. What if it contains methane gas? This is really bad because it will affect climate change and may lead to drought. So, we better be careful in segregating wastes.
  • It is essential for us to segregate waste so that we can protect everybody’s health. We must not only focus on caring about our health here. If these wastes are segregated properly, then the risk of cuts or bruises that rag pickers and garbage collectors may experience will be avoided. If those people cut their finger, then they may get infections. Therefore, it will lead to health danger.
  • Once your wastes are segregated, then it will be easier for the rag pickers and garbage collectors to recycle wastes. They can easily handle the wastes that will go to the recycler or to the incinerator.

How shall we segregate wastes at home?

Of course, segregation of wastes must start at home. We must also show a good example to our young, neighbors, friends and to the community. So, what shall we do then?

  • We must have a container for bio-degradable wastes. We may also have a compost pit. This is where we are going to throw bio-degradable wastes. Here, the composting process is really slow. But, it is a good way of segregating and reducing waste. It is also one way of keeping the kitchen clean and free from bad odor.
  • We must have a separate container for non-bio degradable waste. We may have at least 4 containers to store paper, plastic, glass and metal wastes. If we can do this, then it will be very easy to figure out which ones will be recycled and reused.

Can you see now how important it is to learn how to segregate your waste? We should not only start doing it at home. Let us also bring this method at work and practice it there. This is a good way of recycling waste, saving the environment and avoiding health issues.

What to do with hazardous wastes

Hazardous waste are substances that contain toxic chemicals that may harm the environment if not properly disposed. Do you know that you may have such wastes at home? Look at your garage and you may find there leftover paints or spray paints, oil for automobiles, old car batteries and used light bulbs. Be careful because this is considered as hazardous waste. Do you have a garden at home? You might have some pesticides, which are also considered as hazardous. You better keep them away from the reach of your children.

Any hazardous wastes that you can find at home may endanger your health, especially if you have kids at home. If these wastes are not properly disposed, then you are risking the health of your family members. You must learn how to dispose these wastes properly to avoid accidents or unwanted situations.

Waste management
Managing hazardous wastes at home

Do not simply dump or throw away hazardous wastes that you have at home. This type of waste must not be mixed with other type of wastes. So, how do you think will you dispose them if you cannot just throw them together with other wastes? We have here a few tips for you so that you can manage disposing these hazardous wastes.

Pick up
There might be an establishment in your area, who picks up hazardous wastes. You might pay a small amount for such service, but better than risking the health of your family or destroying the environment, right? You have to keep contact the people concerned and ask for a schedule when they are going to pick it up. If you can’t find such establishment in your area, then look for other options.

Through the mail
Since home pick up is not available in your area, then mail it. There are establishments, who do not have pick up services, instead they are collected through the mail. Send them the hazardous wastes so that they can treat or dispose these wastes properly.

Community programs
There are community leaders, who have programs to collect hazardous wastes. If your community has such activities, then find time to gather your hazardous wastes and bring them during the community event. This is one of the best things that your community leaders can do for the residents.
Those are just a few ways on how you can dispose your hazardous wastes properly. It could have been better if everybody will pay attention to this type of waste so that no health or environment will be at risk.

How can hazardous waste affect the environment?

It could have been better if all citizens are concerned about the environment because there are so many situations happening that affects the environment due to improper waste disposal. If this issue won’t be given immediate solution, then we will later on see our surroundings destroyed. We must not allow this terrible thing to happen because if we can’t do something to solve the waste disposal issues, then we will be the ones to suffer.
Are you staying in a city with various factories, especially those who are producing beverages or food? Some of these factories dispose waste without following the rules and regulations about waste disposal. Do you know that these factories also dispose hazardous wastes? There are toxic chemicals disposed during the process of their products. It would be good if the chemical is properly disposed. But, some manufacturers or producers dispose these hazardous wastes in the rivers or oceans. Is that a good thing to do? Of course, not.
When wastes containing hazardous chemicals are disposed into the ground or water, the chemicals will contaminate the water or ground. When it is already contaminated, the problem will now start and never end if the authority will not interrogate these factories.

Waste disposal
Effects of hazardous materials to the environment
When wastes, containing toxic chemicals contaminate our land and water, then it may lead to serious problems when not given immediate treatment. We have here some effects listed for your awareness.

Water Pollution
When hazardous wastes are disposed in the water, then this will lead to pollution. In that case, all living things in the water will suffer and die. It will also lead to the destruction of marine habitat. If this happens, you won’t find fishes again. Of course, these fishes will try their best to leave and find a new place to stay. Those who can’t leave right away will die. So, you will just find them floating or scattered on the shore.

Land Contamination
When these hazardous wastes contaminate the land, then the land will get dry and every tree, flower or crop planted there will die or not grow. With such place, you will feel like you are living in the desert. If the land is not safe, then it may also affect lines, where drinking water is passing. Thus, risking every our health. Without plants around, of course, farm animals cannot also stay because they won’t have a place to stay and food to eat.

Proper disposal of domestic hazardous waste

Can you think of things that maybe a threat to you and to the environment? Look around you and check out any substance that contains toxic chemicals, which may ignite or explode, especially when exposed to heat. May be you are not aware that you can even find these substances at home. Actually, these are hazardous substances. So, most of the time they are kept and stored in a place that is far from reach of children. When these are swallowed, it is either you get sick or die.
Are you even aware that you have the domestic type of hazardous wastes in your drawers or cabinets? These hazardous substances comes in various forms, such as gas, solid or liquid. You have to know that paints, fluorescent lights, pesticides or insecticides, motor oil, thermometer, mobile phones, tv, aerosol spray, cleaning agents and lithium batteries are considered as a domestic type of hazardous wastes. Can you find them at home? So how do you dispose them?

Types of hazardous wastes

Disposing domestic type of hazardous wastes
It could have been better if everybody is aware about the proper disposal of hazardous wastes. You can’t just throw them away and mix with other wastes. So, for those who do not have any idea about how to dispose this type of domestic waste, it would be best for you to check this out. This is an ideal way of disposing hazardous wastes properly.

  • Segregate your wastes

Since you must not mix hazardous with non-hazardous waste, the best thing that you can do is to segregate the waste. Use different containers for each type of waste for ease and convenience of disposing.

  • Call for hazardous waste pick-up services

It could have been better if you can call for a pick-up service. This is an easy way of disposing waste properly. This type of service is not free, so expect to pay a certain amount depending on how much waste you have.

  • Send the hazardous waste to drop-off facilities

If a pick-up service is not available in your area, then locate a facility, where you can drop-off your hazardous waste. You might be a busy person, but you have to find time to dispose the hazardous waste rather keeping them at home.

  • Recycle the waste if possible

You might have leftover paint that you want to dispose. If the paint is still usable, then it would be best to give it to those who need it. You may also ask a shop, who accepts computers, tv or batteries for recycling.

Protecting the environment from hazardous wastes

Are you aware that your health can be at risk due to various hazardous waste at home? Do you know that disposing such wastes can destroy the environment? Hazardous wastes contain chemicals that may kill you, when swallowed. It can also destroy the habitats when contaminated with toxic wastes, so where will animals stay if that happens?
We might not be aware about the proper disposal of hazardous wastes, such as old paints, batteries, used oil for vehicles and various laboratory materials. If you will check your house, you might find containers with a skull or exploding bomb symbols. This symbol only means that the container contains hazardous or toxic chemical. Therefore, disposing it must be properly considered.
Even kids must be informed that they must keep their hands off from hazardous wastes. They must be aware about what harm it can do to them and to the environment. In such way, they will not bother to touch it and may even warn their friends about such kind of waste.

Ways to protect the environment
We must be concerned about our environment’s safety because only human beings can protect the habitats, where land and water animals live. There are organizations, who is protecting the environment from toxic waste contamination. But, it could have been better if we can help in simple ways. So, we have here a few ways for you to do.

Proper hazardous waste disposal
Some people do not mind about disposing hazardous waste. They must be informed that it is not a good practice to ignore hazardous waste. If you are not sure about how to dispose these wastes properly, then ask for help. There are people, who are experts in disposing this waste. So, why not call their number and ask for assistance? Pretty sure that your call will be appreciated.

Stop toxic waste disposal from factories
Factories are aware that there are rules and regulations set by the respective authority regarding the disposal of toxic chemicals. But, there are factories, who ignores the law and continue their operation. They do not seem to care about the environment. So, as a concerned citizen, we have to do something to stop them doing such destruction. We can report such activities to the authority.

Promote waste-free programs
Your town might have active government or non-government organizations, who is promoting the safety of the environment. It could have been better if all residents will join the organization in cleaning the environment and watching people and establishment’s operations. These organizations are protecting the habitats, so they also manage waste disposal issues that may affect the animals. Joining them is the best thing that you can do to maintain the cleanliness and to have a toxic waste free environment.

Be a leader
You can be a leader when it comes to waste management activities. It would be a great opportunity for you to gather your neighbors and talk about securing your environment and animals from possible toxic contamination. This is something you can do for the community, so push it.